Date: 10th December 2013 at 10:46am
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A former ‘keeper of ours has made quite a career change!

However, he’s still in the entertainment world, having gone from one form of entertainment to another….

Stuart Tomlinson made 25 appearances for Burton last season, he also signed a one-year contract with us for this season before he retired in the summer in the end.

Tomlinson recovered from a knee operation but was eventually advised by surgeons to retire.

It was said to him that “scar tissue damage and a tear in his anterior cruciate ligament meant he was vulnerable to further damage”, so he took not of this advice and called it a day.

He could be performing to crowds again in the future though as he’s set off to America to train to become a professional wrestler in the WWE!

On Sunday he wrote this on Twitter: ‘Looking forward to a new job @WWE.

‘Swapping two posts and a net with four posts & ropes – USA bound as of Tomorro.’

Best of luck to the 28-year-old, however I’d have thought that wrestling would take quite a toll on his knee wouldn’t it? Then again I suppose they train to correctly prevent (as much as possible) serious injury to knees etc?

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